Getting Started with DBS [text]

This is a guide for bot creation with Discord Bot Studio. Author: ContrarION

Section 1: Creating the bot

Thank you for purchasing Discord Bot Studio! Upon starting the software up, you’ll be met with a screen that looks something like this:

To start off, we're going to click the Choose Bot tab in the upper right corner.

In this tab, you have two sections. The Choose Bot to Edit section and Create New Bot. We’ll have to come back here, later. For now, click the big blue button that says, Choose Folder.

Your system will prompt you to select a folder. This is for you to choose a place your bot will be stored in. You won’t need to use this for anything, unless you intend on installing mods, hosting on anything but the computer you’re using, or backing up your files. tl;dr Don’t forget where you’ve selected for your bot’s files to be. It’s pretty important!

After selecting a file location, enter a name for your bot in the blank right under the Choose Folder button. This name won’t be displayed anywhere, other than in the dropdown menu in the section above. Feel free to act like me, and name your bot something like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” or even “Greg” if you’re feeling quirky. Finally, click Save Bot, and you’ve finished the first part of making your bot.

Section 2: Making the bot work

Once you’ve created your bot, move over to the Setup tab, and open up your preferred internet browser. The first section we’ll be filling in is the Command Prefix. This is pretty simple, as it lets you determine what the symbol or phrase before your command would be. For example, if you used the prefix "!", your help command would be !help.

The next section, Bot Token, is extremely important section, as it allows the bot to come online. This is the part where we actually talk to Discord, rather than just using Discord Bot Studio. Start by going to the Discord Developer Login ( and logging in. If you’ve logged into the web client, it should automatically redirect you. From here, you’ll have a screen that looks similar to this-

Click New Application and name your bot. Be sure to name it what you want your bot to be displayed as, because this will be shown on any Discord servers you invite your bot to. After you create your bot, you might get hit with a sensory overload, or feel like Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit. For now, click the Bot tab on the left side of your screen, and click Add Bot. Say yes, and you’ll be met with a screen that looks like this-

From here, you can give your bot a profile picture, and change its username. Other than that, you have the bot token, which is what we want. Click Copy and return to DBS. Paste it in the Bot Token slot, and that’s that. Finally, we have the Client ID. DBS asks for this and you never really see it used, but it’s required anyway, so here we go.

Addendum: With DBS 1.2 and higher, there’s an extra step, but it’s really quick and simple. Go to your application page (That’s in your Discord Developer Portal, when you click your bot’s icon.) Go to the Bot tab, scroll down, and enable both Privileged Gateway Intents. YOUR BOT WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT THIS ENABLED.

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